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[Most checked by someone else. N.B. : there is a period around 1830-1855 in which hardly anything seems to have been recorded, and what there is is out or order and difficult to use].


Baptisms 1674-1900


1811   24th June       Elizabeth dau of John & Joan Vogwell

1813   16th May       John son of John & Joan Vogwell

1815   21st Dec        George son of John & Joan Vogwell

1819   22nd Aug       George son of Henry & Jane Vogwell

1824   26th Dec        Mary Ann dau of Henry & Jane Vogwell

1856   6th July                  Thomas son of George & Hannah Vogwill

1880   19th Mar        Anna Mary dau of George Lang & Elizabeth Job Vogwill

1882   15th Feb        John Wright son of George Lang & Elizabeth Job Vogwill

1884   22nd June       Bessie Maria dau of George Lang & Elizabeth Job Vogwill

1887   24th Sept       Thomas George son of George Lang & Elizabeth Job Vogwill

1889   20th June       Albert James son of George Lang & Elizabeth Job Vogwill

1896   8th Sept         Harold Sydney son of George Lang & Elizabeth Job Vogwill



Marriages 1674-1840


1808   12th April      John Vogwell & Joan Dobson

1820   28th Mar        John Vogwell widower & Patience Martin

1829   2nd June        Thomas Floyd of Mary Tavy & Mary Vogwill

1834   6th Sept         Thomas Holmes & Elizabeth Vogwill

1837   3rd Jan          John Vogwill & Grace Chubb


Burials 1674-1950


1818   6th May        Joan Vogwell aged 41 years

1831   22nd Sept       Patience Vgwill aged 53 years

1837   12th April      Grace Vogwill aged 28 years*

1856   6th July                  Hannah Vogwill

1857   3rd Sept         Thomas Vogwell aged 14 months

1866   5th March      John Vogwill 82 years

1866   24th April      George Vogwill aged 51 years

1891   19th Feb        Albert James Vogwill aged 18 months

1914   1st Feb          George Lang Vogwill aged 65 years

1946   10th Feb        Elizabeth Job Vogwill aged 92 years


* Gravestone in churchyard for Grace but no entry in the burial register.